Understanding Dog Chewing Problems

Chewing Problems in Dogs

Dogs love to chew things – in fact; there are a number of reasons for this behavior.

Why is My Dog Chewing on Everything?

  • Dogs are inquisitive creatures and they learn the most about something by trying to put it in their mouths
  • The chewing action relieves gum pain in and helps the teeth break through the hard gums. For older dogs, chewing on objects can keep the jaws strong and maintain clean teeth.
  • ​Excessive chewing and biting behavior indicates that your canine friend is bored to death!
  • ​Dogs can resort to chewing to relieve the stress of separation anxiety. If left alone for long periods, dogs can display other signs of separation of anxiety along with chewing such as whining, restlessness and soiling accidents.
Shoe Chewing
  • Dogs on a low calorie diet might chew and destroy objects to find additional food sources. This kind of destructive chewing is mostly directed towards food bowls, containers and objects that smell like food.

Often puppies and even adult dogs grow out of destructive chewing. However, real problems happen when your pup destroys your personal belongings.

What is The Best Way to Stop Dog Chewing Problems?

Much like human babies, the high intensity chewing phase usually ends when your puppy is about six months of age. However chewing is a normal behavior for dogs of all ages. To prevent chewing destruction:

  • Put away your valuables including your clothes and shoes in a secure place so that your dog can only access items that are chewable.
  • Train your puppy to play with his own toys and continue to offer new chew toys every couple of weeks to keep things interesting. Also, keep in mind that the toys you choose should not break or splinter easily or else your dog can be seriously injured.
  • ​You can also offer your puppy and even older dogs edible things to chew like treats and bones. Sometimes dogs love to chew on bones so that they can relax. If your dog is working on a chewable bone, make sure you are around to intervene if your canine friend starts choking.
Dog Chewing Problem
  • Do your best to monitor your dog when he is awake to keep his chewing problems under control. If you find him chewing an inappropriate item, remove the object and insert a chewable toy. Just like humans, an overdose of toys reduces the importance of treats so make sure you swap the toys around to keep your puppy or dog interested.

If your dog keeps chewing, it is likely that they are bored. If this is the case, spend more time with your furry ball on a regular basis. This not only will strengthen your bond with your pet, but you can help your pet utilize the energy he would otherwise spend on chewing and other inappropriate behavior.

Nylabone Chewing Toy

The bottom line is you can control dog chewing problems with consistent training. Also, never spank, scold or even punish your dad if you find him chewing any object. If you cannot control chewing problems in your dog, seek help from a qualified vet.