How a Dog Ramp Can Help Your Senior or Arthritic Dog

Dog Ramp For Senior Dogs

Getting old is something that none of us can avoid, and neither can our dogs.

As our dogs get older, they develop many of the conditions that we experience ourselves and these can have a serious impact on their quality of life.

Among the list of issues that can happen when our dogs become seniors, one of the most prevalent conditions is arthritis.

Just like arthritis in humans, this condition usually starts in our older years and can be hard to detect until the symptoms have gotten quite painful.

If your dog is entering their senior years or you suspect they might have developed canine arthritis, there are plenty of ways you can help them. In addition to a dedicated pet ramp, treating arthritis in dogs can be done with good diet and exercise, weight loss, and nutritional supplements, so there are plenty of ways to help your best friend.

What is Dog Arthritis?

Dog arthritis is a form of degenerative joint disease and although it’s common in older dogs predominantly, it can also affect younger ones.

There are actually many forms of arthritis but the most common for aging dogs occurs when the cartilage of their joints starts to thin out because the cells have died.

As the cells die, they release an enzyme which leads to inflammation in the joints and causes the joints to release fluid. From there, your dog may develop grows on the joints and will likely experience deterioration of the cartilage.

This leads to a range of symptoms that can be painful, immobilizing, and life-changing or your dog.

There are various treatments available for dogs with arthritis, and depending on the severity of your dog’s condition you’re likely to be recommended one or more. At the most basic though, you can assist with your dog with a change in diet, gentle exercises, nutritional supplements, and help with their mobility thanks to the use of a pet ramp.

When arthritis has become serious, your vet will likely treat it with things like steroid injections or non steroidal anti-inflammatory medication.

Pain relief may be given for dogs that require it, but as their owners, implementing care options like a pet ramp and an increased interest in their nutrition and lifestyle is the best approach we can take.

The Symptoms of Dog Arthritis

Dog With Arthritis

Arthritis is something that most dogs will experience as they age, but some will be afflicted by it even earlier.

What makes it so hard to manage is that a dog won’t be able to show the early warning signs because they’re adept at hiding pain and discomfort until it gets too much to bear. Even a vet might have problems diagnosing arthritis at first, so we need to be aware of the common signs and symptoms as their owners.

  • Difficulty standing up or getting up from laying down;
  • Being stiff or lame after a resting period
  • Pain when touched in certain areas or during movement
  • Seeming withdrawn or depressed compared to their usual nature
  • Not wanting to be active, play, or go for walks
  • Swelling or heat coming from one part of their body
  • Slow gait
  • Obvious loss or gain in weight

Although it can be hard to know in the early stages that your dog has developed arthritis, you can still put preventative measures in place that help.

Understanding basic nutritional supplements and how they can help dogs in their older age, as well as mobility support like pet ramps,  can have a dramatic effect in slowing down the progression and severity of arthritis.

How a Pet Ramp Can Help

Indoor Dog Ramp

Many people assume that pet ramps are only for people with SUVs or who have heavy dogs that they don’t want to lift into their car, but they can do so much more.

A pet ramp is especially helpful for dogs with conditions like arthritis because they take the usual stress of these everyday activities away and let them continue with the quality of life they’re used to.

Using a ramp so that they don’t have to climb stairs or take a large jump to get up high will be hugely beneficial for your dog.

They won’t need to strain themselves to reach or exert any more energy than they need to, so they’ll be happy to continue doing all of their usual activities.

Pet ramps can be used anywhere around the house or wherever else you’re going. You could place one at their bed, next to their favorite sofa, or take one to the car to help them get in and out with ease.

There are countless uses for them and they also take some of the burden off you as the owner by allowing your dog to do things on their own.

Easing the Pain for Our Pets

Pet ramps are useful for so many things when you own a dog but they can be particularly helpful for dogs with medical conditions like arthritis.

It can be painful to watch your beloved pet suffer from arthritis, but it’s an unfortunate part of life that comes with the territory of owning a dog.

Whether your dog is suffering from degenerative joint disease or inflammation that has led to this condition, your actions as their owner can have a tremendous impact on them.

Something as simple as a pet ramp can help them get into their bed with ease or still allow them to hop into the car and go for a ride so that their quality of life doesn’t have to suffer.

There’s nothing we can do to prevent our pets from aging but we can ensure that they always have the finest treatment available.

A pet ramp is a simple solution with so many benefits for dogs of all health levels, and it’s a must-have for any owner who wants the best for their pooch.