Discover The Three Essential Dog Travel Accessories

Dog Travelling

Taking your canine friend along can make your family vacation more fun. However, you need to plan the adventure carefully. Before leaving your home for an extended trip, make sure you bring your dog to a vet for a complete medical examination.

What Is The Best Way To Travel With A Dog?

To keep your pet healthy as you travel, don’t forget to bring along his favorite food, and water bottle. Also, be sure to carry health certifications and proof of vaccination for airline travel.

Traveling With Your Dog In A Car

1. You need to get your pet used to the car by taking him for short rides.

2. Make sure your dog has plenty of water at all times. A smart thing to do is buy a convenient dog water bottle, which you can carry along everywhere.

Water Bottle For Your Dog

3. If you decide to carry your dog in a travel carrier, make sure it is the right size and is well ventilated.

4. Never allow your dog to ride in your car with his head sticking out of the window. Yes, this isn’t acceptable even if you are not driving.

5. The last thing you should do is letting your pet ride in the back of an open truck. Remember, even smallest carelessness can lead to severe injuries and even death.

Dogs Should Not Do This

How To Choose The Best Dog Travel Water Bottle

Now, you may be wondering how you can keep your pet hydrated without water splashing around in every corner of your car. Well, if you hit the bumpy side of the road, the water bowl will go out of the car flying. But you won’t have to worry about it if you choose a dog travel water bottle. These dog travel accessories are specially designed to prevent spills and can be found easily at any pet store.

A nutritious diet and safe toys can keep your dog happy and healthy, but when it comes to water requirements, we often fall short of what our pets need. It is essential that your pet has access to fresh, clean water at all times and you cannot place a water bowl for your pet in your car and leave it until it needs refilling.

Cute Dog With His Water Bottle

You also need to remember that water requirements for your pet will increase if you are traveling in warm weather or you are feeding dry dog food to your pet. Just imagine having to drink water from a filthy bowl that has dust particles floating in it. You would throw it away right away, won’t you? Yet, you will be willing to put your thirsty pet in a risky situation.

With Dog Travel Water Bottle You Can Avoid These Problems

If you are trapped in a car or even a plane without water for a while, you probably would get a little restless. And the same applies to your pets. Once pets are used to traveling, they might doze off, but they can still get thirsty.

One way you can keep your pet entertained and hydrated is using a durable dog travel water bottle for your pet and placing it in the travel carrier with some of your pet’s favorite toys. Your furry ball will enjoy playing with the toys and it would keep them calm. Most high quality dog travel water bottles have a large capacity to fulfill your dog’s hydration needs. Some models can be easily refilled without removing the bottle from the travel carrier.

Benefits Of A Dog Water Bottle

Investing in a travel water bottle for your pet offers several benefits.

  • You can accurately know the amount of water your pet is drinking. This is especially helpful if you are traveling in hot, humid conditions or your pet is eating dry dog food for meals.
  • A dog water bottle fixed to the travel carrier or even a crate can provide fresh and clean drinking water to your pet as required. These products are drip proof and only dispense water when your pet wants it.
  • Water bottles are especially useful for long car and airplane trips. Your canine friend can drink fresh water whenever he wants to without waiting for the next ‘comfy’ stop.
Review of AutoDogMug

AutoDogMug is the only one-handed hydration system for your pet and is easily available on Amazon. The convenient travel mug can hold up to 20 oz. of clean water and is almost 100% leak proof. Perhaps the best thing about this product is that it is BPA free. You can use the provided Velcro strap for attaching the travel mug to your dog’s travel carrier or even your backpack.

Choosing A Dog Travel Carrier

Whether you are traveling with your dog for a week or a month, you need something to carry him in. A travel carrier especially designed for dog is a useful addition to the list of dog travel. The right carrier will keep your canine friend safe while he travels in a car and you can even take him along on a plane.

Cool Backpack Carrier For Your Dog

There are a number of dog travel carriers in the market and you no longer need to buy bulky, boring and outdated crates to transport your furry ball. But before you pick up any random dog travel carrier, here are some useful tips that can help you narrow down your selection.

How Big Is Your Dog?

You need to determine your pet’s height and length accurately to select the right carrier size. The product you choose should be large enough for your furry ball to turn around easily and curl. Also, there should be enough space for your dog to stretch out comfortably when lying down.

Driving At Back Seat

To determine your dog’s length, place the measuring tape where the collar sits and measure to the base of his wiggling tail. You can add a few inches to that measurement to be on a safer side.

Your Dog Measurements

To measure your dog’s height, measure the distance between the top of his shoulders and the ground. It is recommended you add at least two to three inches to the shoulder height if you are choosing soft carriers. If you want to choose hard sided carriers, you should add three to five inches.

Some people prefer to choose backpacks, slings and other ‘wearable’ dog travel carriers. Well, these carriers are designed to be pet friendly, and your pet would love to be supported against your body, but they’re not suitable for all dogs. Yes, you have guessed it right. Your pet’s weight is another important factor you have to consider when selecting a travel carrier.

If you choose to travel by air, you need to check dog travel carrier size and construction requirements with the airline. After all, the last thing you want is to get to the boarding gate and find out the airline doesn’t allow the specific carrier you have purchased for your pet.

The Different Styles Of Dog Carriers

Modern dog travel carriers come in several different styles. You can select a model that suits your travel activities and of course, your pet’s requirements.

1. Hard Sided Travel Carriers

These perhaps are the most common travel carriers and are known for their durability and construction. The hard shell exterior offers protection for your pet and the carrier body is easy to clean. Some hard sided carrier models can be used for air travel. Similarly, you can find top loading dog travel carriers that allow you to lift your pet and place him inside the container.

Carrier With Hard Sides

2. Soft Sided Travel Carriers

Soft sided carriers are a popular choice for transporting smaller dogs. Some brands are even approved by airlines and they can go under your seat. As the name suggests, soft sided carriers are designed to be portable and lightweight. You can also find models that fold up, for easy storage. Like hard-sided carriers, you need to check your dog’s height and weight before making the final buying decision.

Foldable Soft Carrier

3. Wearable Carriers

These travel carriers are quite similar to baby carriers. You can hold your pet close to your body and take them almost anywhere. However, slings and backpacks are only suitable for cute, tiny dogs. If you’re carrying an adorable pup or small dog, you can go for sling carriers that are lightweight, durable, washable, and have zippers for extra security.

Even the smallest pets can feel heavy when you have to carry your furry balls for long distances. And this is the exact reason why you can use wheeled carriers for extended trips. Like any other type of travel carrier, make sure you check the airline’s requirements before taking your pet to the airport in a wheeled carrier.

White Dog Carrier

Another important thing to remember is that travel carriers aren’t just for air travel. Whether you are taking your pet on an aircraft or plan to travel in your car, having the right dog travel carrier is still the safest, comfortable and most importantly, the most convenient way to take your canine friend along.

Dog Travel Carriers Can Keep Your Pet Comfortable

When you go on your adventure, you need to consider the physical and mental comfort of your pet. That’s right. You need to let your canine friend know traveling will be fun and safe. Investing in a quality dog travel carrier can keep your pet calm but everything really depends on where you are going.

Who is Driving Today

Simply put, make sure you understand the custom laws and get your pet used to the new carrier. When traveling by car, a soft-sided carrier might be the kindest to your pet. Of course, you want your pup to sit with you and enjoy the action, but you surely don’t want to risk the health of your pet.

Soft-sided carriers, such as Dog Soft Crate Kennel by Arf Pets are considered a good purchase. To classify as the best dog carrier that exists, soft sided carriers should fulfill the following characteristics.

Features Of Dog Carriers

1. They must be lightweight and portable for travel

2. They should keep your pet comfortable with no distractions

3. They shouldn’t be ripped apart easily by excited, active and overly aggressive dogs.

As you probably would have guessed, Arf Pets soft-sided carrier is one of the finest dog carriers available online today. It has sturdy stainless steel construction and is highly durable. The best thing about this model is it is lightweight and can be used both indoors and outdoors. All you have to do is place your pet inside the carrier and take it wherever you go.

Arf Pets Soft Sided Carrier

The heavy-duty stainless steel construction ensures your pet cannot break out of it. This model looks serious and is stylish at the same time. If you’re looking for an amazing lightweight soft sided carrier, this is what you should be looking for. After all, what more can you want from a carrier?

Choosing Travel Bowls For Your Pet

You may think your pet can eat from any container but this is not the case. As a responsible owner, you should always feed your pet in a food bowl that is optimal for your dog. Take care that the food and water bowls you choose cannot be easily chewed or scratched by your canine friend. Bowls that can be easily broken or chipped leave places for bacteria and infections to build up.

Dog travel bowls are a convenient way to carry food and water for your pet during a car ride. Usually, travel bowls are made of sturdy polyester or similar material. You would also find models that are made using more rigid plastic. Some dog owners prefer to use dog travel bowls that can be easily folded or are collapsible. These bowls are not expensive and you can get a decent product easily from your local pet shop.

Travel Bowl

In conclusion, you can make travel more fun for your pet by taking his favorite essential accessories along. Hopefully, you can now choose the best dog travel carrier, water bottle and food bowls for your pet with ease.