Door Folding Travel Carrier Review

Pet Car Kennel Crate

A crate serves as a second home for your dog where he will find comfort and solace. Crate training is a great way to discipline your dog or ensure he stays out of trouble when you are leaving for work or need to run an errand.

Additionally, dogs are likely to be happier if they have a place to call their own. However, carrying your dog’s metal crate around with you everywhere you go is certainly not possible. This is why you should consider investing in a handy dog travel carrier, such as the Door Folding Travel Carrier.

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The Door Folding Travel Carrier

Whether you are planning on taking your dog on a vacation or simply want to take him for a long drive, a soft pet crate is a great way to ensure your dog remains comfortable throughout the journey. Unlike other travel carriers in the market, this one is soft and cozy and will serve as the perfect home for your four-legged friend. Some notable features of the Door Folding Travel Carrier include:

  • The soft and comfy portable travel carrier alsoserves as a soft meshcrate home for your pet. You may use it either indoors or outdoors.
  • The crate can comfortably accommodate pets that weigh up to 70 lbs.
  • ​The Door Folding Travel Carrier features retractable springs and collapsible bars that guarantees easy setup and makes storage convenient.
Dog Folding Crate Design
  • Constructed using heavy-duty, all-steel frame construction that ensures durability and years of use.
  • ​Features a water-resistant base that is easy to clean and maintain. This especially comes in handy if your dog has an ‘accident.’
  • Travel Carrier offers plenty of ventilation along with 3 entrances. The carrier can be used in all seasons and includes a carrying strap for added convenience.

What Others Say?

The Door Folding Travel Carrier generally received positive reviews from customers on Amazon and has an great rating. Customers were happy they no longer had to worry about carrying their pets in an uncomfortable metal crate anymore. The soft mesh fabric offers greater comfort.

Thanks to the aluminum frame, the kennel is quite easy to transport and move from place to place. Customers agree the carrier is sturdy enough and offers equal weight distribution.


The Door Folding Travel Carrier certainly proves a comfortable home for your pet, whether you aretravelling or wish to provide your dog a place of his own indoors. The carrier folds down resulting in easy setup and quick storage. Additionally, thanks to the water resistant material, clean-up becomes a less dreadful task. The crate’s multipurpose design makes it ideal for bringing along your furry friend you are running errands or taking your dog out for a road trip.

Door Folding Travel Carrier Review