Highwave Travel Dog Mug Review

Dog Travel Mug

Unfortunately, many pet owners undermine the importance of hydration when it comes to taking care of a dog. Drinking sufficient water is important for all living creatures and that includes dogs. It is a common misconception that only panting is an indication of a thirsty dog. Panting is actually a means of regulating temperature in dogs, hence your furry friend will gladly accept a bowl of water during a hike even if they are not panting.

The next time you are taking your dog on a trip, look out for signs of dehydration. Dehydrated dogs have sunken eyes and appear more sluggish. Additionally, if your dog is panting and has a dry mouth, it is a clear sign to bring out the water bottle. Carrying water for your pooch becomes easy and convenient if you purchase a specialized travel dog mug, such as the Highwave AutoDogMug.

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Highwave AutoDogMug

A number 1 bestseller on Amazon, the Highwave AutoDogMug is a trendy and convenient solution for quenching your dog’s thirst while you are both out for a morning walk. Reasonably priced and available in 3 distinct colors, the Auto Dog Mug is a favorite among pets and dog owners. Here are some notable features of the Highwave AutoDogMug:

  • Easily keeps your beloved furry friend hydrated.
  • Portable dog bowl automatically refills itself when you squeeze the bottle.
  • ​Allows pet owners to walk their dog for long distances without worrying about finding a water source.
  • ​Can easily fit inside your car’s cup holder.
  • Dishwasher safe, holds 20 ounces and is BPA-free.
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Highwave AutoDogMug is a one-of-a-kind dog mug that makes it easy for pet owners to quench their dog’s thirst. Simply squeeze the bottle to fill the cup and your furry friend will gulp down all the water in one go. Squeeze and the leftover water and it will return to the bottle, which ensures no wastage.

Most customers on Amazon were highly pleased with their purchase. Highwave is a best seller on site and brand leader for certain. However, if you want your dog to drink directly from the bowl while it is still intact, you will have to hold the bottle in its compressed state. This means if your dog wants a longer drink, you will have to press the bottle harder to maintain the compressed state. This, however, does not undermine how convenient the mug is and how it offers easy storage.


While Highwave’s Auto Dog Mug may not be entirely perfect, it is still one of the best dog mugs in town because of is convenience and ease of use. Additionally, the mug comes in three striking colors, making it the perfect choice for trendy dog owner.

Highwave Travel Dog Mug Review