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Keeping Your Dog Healthy & Safe One Mile at a Time! Traveling with Your Dog in the Truck, Car or RV, doesn't need to be a Frustrating Experience. We'll Help you make Traveling with Man's Best Friend more Enjoyable, and Comfortable for Both, You, and Your Best Friend!

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Dog Travelling

Discover The Three Essential Dog Travel Accessories

Taking your canine friend along can make your family vacation more fun. However, you need to plan the adventure carefully. Before leaving your home for an extended trip, make sure you bring your dog to a vet for a complete medical examination...

Barking Pup

How to Stop A Dog Barking Problem

As cute and cuddly as dogs are, they are prone to behavioral issues, such as excessive chewing, digging and the most common: barking. While barking is a natural instinct in dogs and serves as a means of communication..

Potty Training Dog

Potty Training A Puppy Made Easy

Teaching your adorable pup to potty at the right place at the right time is first step you can take for spending quality time together. Soiling accidents sadly are listed as the top reasons why puppies end up in shelters or losing their home...


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Highwave Travel Dog Mug Review

Unfortunately, many pet owners undermine the importance of hydration when it comes to taking care of a dog. Drinking sufficient water is important for all living creatures and that includes dogs. It is a common misconception that only panting is an indication of a thirsty dog. Panting is actually a means of regulating temperature in dogs, hence your furry friend will gladly accept a bowl of water during a hike even if they are not panting.

A crate serves as a second home for your dog where he will find comfort and solace. Crate training is a great way to discipline your dog or ensure he stays out of trouble when you are leaving for work or need to run an errand. Additionally, dogs are likely to be happier if they have a place to call their own. However, carrying your dog’s metal crate around with you everywhere you go is certainly not possible. This is why you should consider investing in a handy dog travel carrier, such as the Door Folding Travel Carrier.

Nylabone Dura Chew Textured Souper Review

When it comes to taking care of a pet, responsible dog owners know it takes more than just food and water to keep your furry friend happy. One possibly cannot undermine the importance of behavior training and instilling positive habits in pets. With time, pets are prone to suffer from behavioral problems, such as barking, howling and digging. However, none of these problems are as common as chewing.