5 Tips for Finding a Perfect Dog-Friendly Lodging

Pet Friendly Hotels

There are some of us who refuse to go anywhere without our beloved dogs, and no matter how long we’re away or where we go, they’ll be right by our side.

While this used to present more of a problem 20 years ago, these days it’s very common for accommodation to also double as a pet-friendly lodging.

A pet-friendly lodging is somewhere you can stay with your dog, but there are many different types of accommodation each with their own meanings.

If you plan on taking your dog away on your next trip you’ll want to be well versed in what these lodgings offer, any restrictions they might have, and what you need to know about choosing the right one.

With this simple guide, you’ll get a better understanding of dog-friendly lodging and what the various types of accommodation offer.

Thanks to these unique types of housing, resorts, and hotels, we never have to travel without our four-legged friends again, and we’ll both be very comfortable in the process.

What Is Pet Friendly Lodging?

Dog Lodging

Pet-friendly lodging can mean different things, but its most basic definition is an accommodation that allows owners to bring their pets along.

If you feel that your vacation wouldn’t be complete without your pooch or just can’t bear the thought of leaving them with someone else, this is the type of accommodation you’ll want to look for.

Pet-friendly lodging is just like a regular hotel or housing situation, but with the added stipulation that pets are allowed to stay with their owners.

They feature amenities that make them animal-friendly like nearby dog parks, outdoor areas, pet beds, and other resources that will ensure your pet is totally looked after just as you are.

There are different rules in place depending on where you stay, with some only allowing cats and fish, and others accepting dogs.

You might also find limitations on the breeds of dogs, their size, and other things that have to be adhered to, so you should always check the specific guidelines before you decide to book.

Different Types of Lodgings

There are a few options for where you and your pet can stay if you’re after a dog-friendly lodging, and there’s never been a better time to consider this type of vacation.

Here are some options you can research if you’re taking your dog along on a trip and how each of them differs from the rest.


There are major hotel chains that allow dogs to stay with their owners, within certain limits.

Standard resorts and hotels have pet-friendly rooms with courtyards and outside access, or there are more premiere dog-friendly hotels that cater to the pooch more than their human owners.

Bed and breakfast

A bed and breakfast is where you rent a room within a larger home, and they are often accommodating to people with pets.

Check with the owner before you arrive and find out what their allowances are for dogs as well as where your dog will be staying while you’re there.

Caravan parks and campgrounds

Most campgrounds and caravan parks will allow dogs, but with some restrictions.

They might not be able to stay inside of a rented cabin or caravan, however, there are facilities out there that allow it.

Private lodgings

Booking your accommodation on private lodging and home sharing websites is a great way to find pet-friendly lodgings, with many people allowing others to bring their dogs along.

These could be a small apartment or a large home, depending on what you and your pet require.

5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Dog-Friendly Lodging

Dog Enjoying In Hotel

If you’ve never stayed at a dog-friendly lodging before and don’t really know what criteria to search for when booking one, there’s no need to fear.

There are some simple tips you can follow to make sure you choose the perfect fit for you and your dog and have all of your needs catered to.

  • Take Your Crate: Always bring a crate or carrier so your dog has somewhere to sleep and feel safe that will remind them of home.
  • Ask Questions: Don’t be afraid to phone around and see what these places have to offer. Nobody knows your dog better than you and you’ll know exactly what they need to be comfortable.
  • Understand the Fees: All lodgings have their own charging system, so make understand what the total costs are for you and your dog before you book. You don’t want to get stung with additional charges after checkout just because you didn’t read the fees.
  • Learn the Area: Dogs love any chance to stretch their legs so do your research on the area surrounding the hotel or resort to see what parks and walking paths are close by.
  • Choose the Ground Floor: Where possible, try to stay as close to the ground floor as you can. This will make it easier to go out for bathroom breaks, especially in the middle of the night.

Making Travel Enjoyable For Both of You

There’s no need to leave your best friend at home when you travel again, thanks to the burgeoning world of pet-friendly lodging options.

These unique accommodations have made it possible for dog lovers to never be without their treasured pet in a way that’s comfortable for both pet and owner.

With hundreds of these types of lodgings popping up all over the country and the world, you’re bound to find one wherever you’re heading.

Our dogs deserve the very best, but that doesn’t mean we should have to suffer in the process, so finding somewhere you can both stay in comfort and luxury will make your next holiday that much more enjoyable.