Solvit Homeaway Travel Organizer Kit Review

Pet Travel Organizer By Solvit

Travelling with your furry friend can be challenging especially if you do not have the right supplies to keep your pet comfortable throughout the trip. Staying organized is the best way to ensure you have everything you need for your pooch. Travel organizers are the perfect solution for pet owners who like to keep everything at hand. Your dog is likely to avoid creating a fuss if you have packed his favorite chew toy to keep him calm during the long road trips.

SolvitHomeaway Travel Organizer Kit

The SolvitHomeaway Travel Organizer Kit will keep all your dog’s essential travelling supplies organized, resulting in a comfortable journey for both you and your pet. The travel kit is a wonderful way of helping your pet feel as if they are home no matter where they are. Here are a few notable features of Solvit’s Homeaway Travel Organizer Kit:

  • High quality organizer, great for organizing essential pet supplies when you at home, travelling or planning to leave your dog with a sitter.
  • Kit includes a 1-liter water bottle made using polycarbonate materials, a 10-cup food bag, food bowl, water bowl and an organizer bag.
  • Organizer bag includes toilet bag dispenser, exterior zippered pocket, mesh pockets to pack bowls and damp items, such as a chew toy or a cleaning towel.
  • ​Unbreakable polycarbonate water bottle, great for long road trips.
  • Food storage bag to keep your pet’s food fresh and free from fungus.
Traveling With Your Dog and Solvit Homeaway Travel Organizer Kit


Solvit Homeaway’s Travel Organizer Kit received an average of 4.5 stars out of 5, which is quite impressive. Most customers were pleased with quite pleased with their purchase. According to them, the Solvit Homeaway Travel Organizer Kit beats any pet carrier or organizer in the market that is too small. The organizer makes it easy for pet owners to pack for a long weekend with or without their furry friends.

Aside from its functionality, the organizer features a sturdy water bottle that holds 10 cups of water along with a bowl that easily folds with bag. Apart from food and water, you can also pack your dog’s favorite stuffed animal, a chew toy, a bone and some of your pet’s favorite toys. Rest assured, you will still have plenty of room left to pack your dog’s toilet essentials.

If there were room for improvement, customers would have liked the kit to be a little more visually appealing. A customer remarked how they would have preferred different color options. You can purchase the product for $37.79 on Amazon.


The Solvit Homeaway Travel Organizer Kit is a useful purchase. However, it is a little too large for small breeds. Only buy the organizer kit if you have a large dog breed or have plenty of supplies to carry with you on your trip.

Solvit Homeaway Travel Organizer Kit Review